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Saturday, April 04, 2020
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Cypress Baptist Church 1864-Present

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Front of the first Cypress Baptist Church
Cypress Baptist Church had its beginnings in 1864 in what was called the 'Cypress Bottoms', thus the name of Cypress. It was located on the corner of what is now known as South Center and Jenner Roads.  No evidence of the church can be found there since it was later strip mined.  The old church was heated with a pot-bellied stove. 
Services were held on Sunday mornings, evenings, and Friday nights.  They seldom had a regular pastor.  Mud roads and lack of money were big problems. 
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South side of the first Cypress Baptist Church
Bro. A. C. Smith came for the Friday night service which was much like a revival service.  Bro. Harrison Godbey kept thing going for several years (1940-1945).  He and his family walked or rode a mule to the church and never missed a Sunday.  He served as Sunday School teacher, preacher, and did what ever needed to be done.
 A Christmas program was held every year with an enormous Christmas tree.  Treats were handed out to everyone - a little brown bag with an orange, apple, peanuts, and some candy.  Attendance at that time was about 50 people during warm weather.
 The church bought an old school bus and picked up people in the outlying areas.  A lot of young people came and many were saved.  That lasted until the bus broke down and their bus ministry came to an end.  They had no baptistry and arrangements were made to use the baptistry at the First Baptist Church in Boonville.
Second Cypress Baptist Church - 1951 Remodeled Cypress Baptist Church - 1966 Destroyed by fire - June 1973
 When the stip mine came in and bought up the land, everything changed.  People were moving away.  The church members decided to relocate.  Property was found available on Highway 62 (at the present location).  The church had no money and sought help from the Northern Baptist Association but they were unable to help.  Bro. Montford Lester had been coming out from Grace Baptist Church to preach for the church and he was intrumental in getting help from their association in October 1950.  Part of the present location was bought for $350 and the seller gave part of the money back to the church.  After the property was purchased they had $400 in the treasury and started work on the building in 1950.
They held a tent meeting in July 1950.  The first prayer service in the new building was on March 17, 1951 with 60 people present.  In 1956 the church purchased the house to the east of the church for a parsonage.  Under Bro. Robert Haire's ministry, an education building was added to the north end of the building in 1961 and a new sanctuary was added to the front of the original building in May 1965.  The church building was then completely destroyed by fire on Monday, June 25, 1973.
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Temporary garage home of Cypress BC
The following Wednesday night prayer service was held in a tent that was borrowed from the Southern Baptist Association.  Work began on remodeling an old garage building on the property.  Bro. Terry Flowers was called as pastor (August 1973) and the first service in the remodeled garage was in September 1973.
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Present Cypress BC - Dedicated November 1974
Ground breaking for the present building was in November 1973, but work on the buidling was delayed due to bad weather until June 1974.  The building was dedicated on November 17, 1974
 Cypress BC had ordained 12 men to the Gospel ministry and sponsored 4 missions that are now churches.
 Pastors who have served at Cypress BC through more recent years:
 Bro. Harrison Godbey 1940-1945
Bro. Montford Lester - March 1948 - August 1960
Bro. Robert Haire - October 1960 - December 1967
Bro. James Alderson - June 1968 - August 1969
Bro. Donald Criswell - January 1970 - October 1972
Bro. Terry Flowers - August 1973 - April 1980
Bro. Bryan Parris - July 1980 - March 1983
Bro. James Bean - August 1983 - December 1990
Bro. Dewey Dick - July 1991 - August 1999
Bro. Daryl Jessie - November 2000 - December 2005
Bro. Brian Archer - June 2006 - April 2008
Bro. Bradley Gray (interim) - June 2008 - April 2009
Bro. A. Todd Jones - April 2009 - April 2016
Information taken from church history files